Hello, folks!

My, my, what a journey!

I have great news for you: my website is ready!

Simply go to www.catherinegv.com and explore to your heart’s content.

I’m so excited!

On my website, you will find all the information you need. Want to know more about my upcoming and current books? Just click on the ”Books” tab. Interested in reading free poems, flash fictions, and short stories? Go to ”Freebies”. As for ”Weekly Reads”, it’s a special place where I’ll post a flash fiction or poem every Sunday. Sign up for my newsletter for major updates by going to the ”Newsletter” tab!

For professionals and authors in the making, you will find all the material you need to hire me as a content writer and writing coach, or buy my 12-week writing program. On the ”Testimonials” page, you will of course read testimonials written by real people (I cannot stress this enough) with links to their website or social media account, and articles they ordered from me, so you can assess my skills.

Whether it is for inquiries, comments, or offers, please do fill in the form on the ”Contact Me” page so we can discuss properly. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you, dear readers! 🙂

You probably noticed my two other blogs: fashion and erotica. The former is accessible to everyone curious about fashion. The latter is strictly for adults (21+) and contain both heterosexual and LGBT material. Be warned. Have fun exploring them!

I can also be found on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram.

In addition to this great news, I have to tell you that Raphael Casthavian, fantasy and horror author, is my pupil. Indeed, he is my first client for my writing program and my coaching services. You will hear about him on my blog and website here and there. Go and have a look at what he does!

I can’t possibly tell you how happy I am about all this. Please do explore my website!